Duran Tree Services
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Duran Tree Services

Located in Palatine IL, Duran Tree Service offers outstanding value in tree removal, tree trimming and stump grinding. We service all suburbs with in 50 miles of Palatine IL. We pride ourselves on thoughtful craftsmanship tree removal and tree pruning. As well as the safest workplace practices in northern IL.

Duran Tree Services

Tree Removal, Tree Trimming, Storm Damage, Stump Grinding

 Servicing All of Lake, Cook and Mchenry County.

Fast, Efficient and Offering the Best Prices on Tree Services

Tree Removal

Dangerous, diseased and dying trees require safe,and efficient tree removal . Having piece of mind that no danger will happen in the event of a storm, causing damage to your home or neighbors homes.


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Tree Trimming

Expert tree trimming will not only remove dangerous overhanging branches from above your roof. Our expert tree trimmers can trim your tree to allow more sunlight to get to your lawn and planting beds.


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Storm Damage

Do you need fallen trees removed quickly and safely? Our crews can clean up any tree debris that has fallen or is about to fall on your home. Fast professional tree removal is available 24 hours a day.


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Stump Grinding

Stump grinding has never been as easy and affordable as today. Stump grinding is included in all tree removal services. Do you have an old stump you would like removed? Schedule your stump removal today!


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